// UrbAquitaine ?

Sustainable, smart, connected, the city attracts like a magnet. And not only its inhabitants, who we know will represent 80% of the world population in 2050. This amounts to no less than 6 billion citizens to accommodate, transport, feed, employ, entertain, provide with water and energy.


This urbanization, be it for developed or emerging countriesin Asia, Maghreb, Africa or South America, compels us to establish new modes of action.


Building on the expertise developed in waste treatment, green chemistry, sustainable construction, urbanism, renewable energies… and numerous projects completed in Bordeaux and in Aquitaine serving as showcases, CCI International Aquitaine and the Regional Council of Aquitaine have initiated in 2012 the “Sustainable and smart city” process.


The project goal is the international promotion of the Aquitaine offer and know-how in the construction, urban development, environment and renewable energysectors.


To give ourselves every chance of success,  a “Task force” was created, consisting of oursector partners: CREAHD, CDPEA, the Architects’ order, theSurveyors’ order, COBATY, URBAMOB (Urban furniture), the SYSOLIA (photovoltaics) andXylofutur (wood) clusters, the wind power cluster and the companies…


This steering committee,chairedby the FAYATgroup, number 4 in the French building sector, supports a group of SMEs having true know-hows in the following 4 main fields:


  • Environment /Water / Waste
  • Construction / Green Building
  • Urban Design / Smart City
  • Energy / electricity / lighting


This website, together with the companies’catalogue, represents the communication and commercialization tool of the Aquitaine region expertise and know-how.


It answers all needs expressed by decision-makers, foreign clients, institutions, promoters, construction project managers or supervisors and companies looking for the most efficient and innovative technologies.