The Syntea Group comprises two historical subsidiaries: Agro Environnement and Epur Nature, specialists in designing and building sewage treatment plants to treat domestic wastewater, agri-food industry, wines, distilleries, and plant health product effluents, rainwater management and management of domestic waste materials.


Syntea has more than 1500 items listed. The company is the market leader for reed-bed filters for domestic sewage, and offers treatment solutions to obtain excellent release qualities while keeping facility operating costs under control. In the case of industrial effluents highly loaded with organic pollutants, the company specializes in aerobic biological treatment, and offers compact, semi-extensive or extensive solutions to obtain excellent release qualities. Syntea has subsidiaries in Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

Products / Services :

For domestic sewage treatment, domestic waste material management and rainwater management, there are the “reed-bed filter” lines: Bi-filtreplanté®, AutoEpure® Phragmifiltre®,  Phragmicompostage®, Biho-Filtre®, Hydr’Epur®, Combipur®

For effluents from the agri-food industry, distilleries, wines, cosmetics…: activated sludge, sequential treatments (SBR), activated sludge and reed-bed filters (patented), aerated storage and reed-bed filters, joint processing of wine and plant health product effluents.


References in France and abroad:

Domestic wastewater: 1000 References: Common Negrepelisse (France, 82) 4000 inhabitants in the municipality of Oust and Seix (09, France) 3000 inhabitants of the town l’Escarène (France, 06), 2 500 inhabitants, camping the Tabardière (44, France) 1 500 inhabitants town Tidili (Morocco) 1500 inhabitants resort Arzuaga (Spain). Industry: 500 references, France: Moet et Chandon (champagne), Château Montrose (wine), Château Haut-Marbuzet (wine making), Paul Jaboulet Aine (wine merchant) Ltd. Garbay House (slaughterhouses and cutting poultry) Boncolac (pastry / Bakery), Rum Saint Maurice (rum distillery Guiana), Agricola Castellana (wine cooperative Spain) Quinta Do Noval (Porto, Portugal).