Adress : 5, ZI de Calens 33640 BEAUTIRAN

Tel. : 05 56 67 00 48
Fax : 05 56 67 04 55

Contact : Nicolas PATAY
Function : Président
Email : n.patay@square-urbain.com

Turnover : 3 000 k€
Effective : 28
International presence : OUI


SQUARE Mobilier Urbain

SQUARE is a designer and global manufacturer (metalwork, joinery, pottery, surface treatment…) that makes street furniture on the basis of its research into shapes and material development for today’s and tomorrow’s needs.


Our ethos and position – Square … the brand of our time :

. Square imagines and designs street furniture generates new uses of time and urban space. Square furniture generates new, protected spaces, where time can stop so that everyone can enjoy the feel-good factor and comfort.

Over time, SQUARE products have been selected for many urban development projects in Europe (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal) and also Morocco.


Products/Services :

Functional urban furniture, namely:

  • Seating: benches, backless benches, loungers, tables,
  • Litter bins and attractive furniture: baskets, pots, planters,
  • Protective furniture: bollards, posts, fences, and also bicycle stands.

SQUARE thus proposes several hundred items in its 18 furniture ranges.

Furthermore SQUARE can meet all street furniture requests thanks to its base of materials, its industrial know-how and its design office.



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