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Contact : Monsieur Roussel
Function : Président
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Our company, a specialist in rainwater recovery solutions, has expanded strongly since 2005. It derives its strength in its know-how, employees, corporate culture and market vision.


Our service is based on comprehensive rainwater retention solutions for re-use, regulation and storage, from engineering to implementation with an extensive offer of service and onsite support. Our scope also covers imperviousness and soil protection using geomembrane liners. Our solutions are all highly specific and tailored the variables of individual construction sites. We offer full turnkey solutions, from engineering to implementation that meet environmental requirements and policies (Agenda 21, HEQ buildings, Low energy buildings, RT2012-2020).


Products/Services :

Our offer covers:

  • Saving water and water treatment
  • Rainwater retention for re-use, regulation and storage
  • The creation of geomembrane-lined or bituminous catch basins
  • Soil protection by geo-membrane
  • Above- or below-ground emergency fire-fighting water tanks that avoid encumbering rights of way
  • Pumping and pneumatic plugging service
  • Oil and hydrocarbon separators
  • Control structures
  • Stagnant water treatment

Our design office sizes and recommends the most apt solutions for the intended use – cleaning vehicle fleets, soil washing, supplies to toilets, cooling machinery and irrigating grounds … We deal with this resource from the base of the down pipes until it drains onto the ground to optimize the resource, recover it and enable our customers to cut their drinking water consumption by 50–70%.

Markets/customers :

Our clients are industrial and specifiers, local authorities, builders, architects, project management study.


Qualifications :

Our certified Asqual 2, N1 and N2 teams, ATEX Level 0 and GSI1.


References in France and abroad :

Mc Donald’s  - 40 Restaurants sur toute la France : Fourniture et pose d’une solution de récupération des eaux pluviales en béton pour l’alimentation des toilettes

Smurfit Kappa – Biganos 33 – 2012 : Fourniture de 10 réserves incendie de 500m3 pour le stockage de liqueur noire

Banque de France – Serris 77 – 2012 : Fourniture de 2 réserves acier 120 m3 de 3 m de diamètre

Compagnie des Vins de Bordeaux et de la Gironde (CVBG) – Parempuyre – 2013 : Bassin de compensation de 2000 m3

Brico Marché – La Teste de Buch 33 – 2013 : Fourniture d’une réserve incendie souple de 480m3

Compagnie Commerciale de Manutention Pétrolière (CCMP) – Pauillac 33  – 2013 : Etanchéité autour de cuves en PEHD 1.5mm / 20 650 m²

Egger – Rion des Landes 40 – 2013 : Bassin d’eau pluviale en EPDM

Plateforme du Teich – 2014 : Traitement des sédiments du port d’Arcachon en PEHD 1,5 mm / 17 195 m².

Leroy Merlin : Marché pour les fournitures et pose d’une solution de récupération des eaux pluviales pour les nouveaux magasins.

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