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Greenme has implemented a set of innovating services dedicated to improving energy performance (tertiary sector buildings, industry).


Today, Greenme intends to enter the changing international market in close collaboration with i2bd (http://www.i2bd.com/). In addition to complying with regulatory obligations, Greenme’s products offer:


  • Independent, centralized, compatible measurement
  • Personalized reports (?)
  • Occupiers’ incentives to play a part in energy performance
  • The optimization of energy consumption with no loss in comfort

Moreover together with its partners, Greenme proposes to conductaudits of the public lighting facilities of towns/municipalities by taking photometric readings.

Greenme meets the demand of these developing markets and acts in a support capacity (recommendations, training, and project management).


Products/Services :

Greenme ‘s contribution comes in to its own by measuring, monitoring, displaying and providing the energy performance results of buildings by providing tools and services to:

Improve energy performance by using modular solutions:

Greenme offers software reporting solutions and of customizable monitoring techniques, that alsoinformatively display consumption in new build and renovation projects:

  • Making energy savings by monitoring and preventive maintenance.
  • Ensuring that performances are in compliance and that the equipment is correctly set up.


User comfort inside the building:

Greenme proposes educational tools to raise awareness of the building’s users that enable them to contribute to improving energy efficiency throughout the life time of the building:

  • Promoting environmentally-friendly behavior
  • Improving users’ comfort inside the building
  • Providing comprehensive surveillance of building efficacy (energy, comfort, air quality…)


Furthermore, Greenme is committed to sustainable development for companies and local authorities that want to quantify the energy quality and performance of their public lighting, their public lighting bases or during maintenance, renovation or development work to combat light pollution and to make energy savings.

GreenMe in partnership with NAKSYS, additionally offers the building sector, photometric level audit and diagnosis services of public lighting facilities to improve their reliability and energy performance, in accordance with the EN 13 201-5 standards:


Energy performance management:

  • Continuous geo-localized measurement of photometric levels to assess the photometric service level of lighting and luminance.
  • Electrical measurement


Energy asset management:

  • Automated metering and identification of electrical installations.
  • Smart management of electrical installations with energy performance indicators



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