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Contact : Jean-Jacques BONNIN
Function : Collaborateur
Email : jjbonnin@gertrude.fr

Turnover : 3.5 M€
Effective : 26
International presence : OUI




Gertrude ensures the development, promotion and marketing of the urban traffic system, GERTRUDE Real Time; system that allows cities, subject to choice more and more complicated between private vehicles, public transport, traffic congestion, pollution, integration of soft modes and quality of life in the city to find the best solutions to ensure the coexistence of these criteria, in the best conditions and with greater coherence.


It is a centralized system that analyzes generally all settings and all traffic data before making a decision and completes it on the traffic lights of the city. This is an automatic and real-time system which makes decisions every second. It is an expert system; the combination of its multiple operating rules provides effective answers to infinity of situations.

Products/Services :

  • Engineering study for management and organization of urban transport
  • Study and simulation of traffic lights intersections
  • Design and implementation of intelligent system for transportation management in real-time
  • Operation and maintenance of traffic management systems

Markets / clients :

  • Towns and cities with heavy traffic
  • Towns and cities with a large public transit network and wishing organize all or part of this network
  • Establishment of an absolute priority on Tramway networks or BRT
  • France and Export Market


Qualifications :

  • ISO 9001 Version 2008
  • Catalog of professional competence certificates issued by clients



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