Adress : 5, rue Margaux 33000 Bordeaux - France

Tel. : 05 56 51 74 52
Fax : 05 56 51 73 89

Contact : Christophe Gautié - Véronique Tastet
Function : Co-gérants
Email : c.gautie@flint.fr

Turnover : 892.000 € HT
Effective : 14
International presence : OUI



    Flint is a Bordeaux based office of architects which is involved both in public and private projects. The fields we are working in are dwellings, offices, public equipments, cultural programs, educational, public spaces, town planning.


    The office has completed projects in France and in Spain, and is involved in a large number of competitions. Our approach leans on a will of understanding the evolution of lifestyles, social uses, exchanges, organizations, and contextual and geographical data. We make up teams including the needed specific skills, work on several softwares, and make 3d physical models of all on going projects. Through the understanding of the stakes and the constraints are defined the qualities of the answer.


    Products / Services

    Our office works in both fields of architecture and town planning. We are in charge of the design and the follow-up of the construction site for our projects, within a team of which we are the representative.



    Market / customer

    Dwellings, offices, public equipments, cultural programs, educational, public spaces, town planning

    Public institutions and private clients.



    Véronique Tastet

    Born August 5, 1961 in Bayonne

    D.U. Urban Law and Sustainable Development of Territories – Paris 13 University in 2014

    HQE Training Level 1 and 2, Bordeaux Architects Training Centre in 2003 and 2004

    Exhibition design training, City of Science and Industry in Paris in 1988

    CEAA for Urban Architecture, 86-87 training, School of Architecture Paris Villemin

    First Certificate in English, graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1986

    DPLG Architecture School of Bordeaux in May 1985

    Languages: French, Spanish, EnglishLangues parlées : Français, Espagnol, Anglais


    Christophe Gautié

    Born July 17, 1962 in Albi

    DPLG the Bordeaux School of Architecture in May 1990

    Teacher at the Toulouse National School of Architecture (2008/2009)

    Teaching Unit L61d, 3rd year project phase H2

    Languages spoken: English, French

    Notions: Spanish


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