Europlasma, is a worldwide specialist in plasma streatment solutions for hazardous waste and plasma refining of exhaust gases from thermal processes


For more than 20 years, Europlasma develops and optimizes plasma technology processes in the fields of hazardous waste treatment, steel making, renewable energy production and chemical industry. Several plasma units operate on an industrial scale in Europe and in Asia.


Products / Services :

Engineering and consultancy:

-Preliminary and detailed technical and economic studies

-Technical design and plasma process simulation

-Commissioning, technical support and after-sales service


Sales of Plasma torches and processes (furnaces, reactors and utilities)

Sales of licenses

Markets / Clients :

- Hazardous waste treatment market including radioactive

- Market the steel industry to optimize the thermal process
gas purification method and Market syngas


References :

-Plasma melting of asbestos wastes,

-Plasma melting of toxic wastes,

-Volume reduction of low level radioactive wastes by plasma,

-Characterization and analysis of various hazardous wastes for their plasma treatment