// UrbAquitaine ?

Today 50% of the world population lives in cities. In 2050 80% of it will be urban.

Sustainable, smart, connected, the city attracts like a magnet inhabitants it has to accommodate, transport, feed, employ, entertain, provide with water and energy.


UrbAquitaine, created by CCI International Aquitaine, with the support of the Regional Council of Aquitaine and a “Task force” consisting of our partners in the sector, has listed the expertise and know-hows as well as companies likely to answer needs from foreign decision-makers and clients, institutions, promoters, construction project managers or supervisors, companies looking for the most efficient and innovative technologies.


The UrbAquitaine project goal is the international promotion of the Aquitaineoffer and expertise in the sector.


The offer is complete and covers 4 main fields:

  • Environment /Water / Waste
  • Construction / Green Building
  • Urban Design / Smart City
  • Energy / electricity / lighting

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